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No More Google My Business


As many have finally gotten used to the Google My Business name, it's time to say goodbye ... again.  But don't fret, it's just the name and not the feature that is going away.  Google has changed the name of this particular product at least five times that I can recall.  Instead of Google My Business, the name is now Google Business Profile.  

It appears that the main push behind the name change is simply Google no longer wants you to manage your business listing in their Google Business Profile manager (Google My Business) but instead they want you to search for your business name and manage the listing there.  By doing a search for your business, once you find it, you can "claim" the listing and verify the business in the search result.  

I guess we'll see how long this name lasts huh? Any guesses?

So give it a whirl and see what you come up with.  Whether you've managed your listing in the past or not, we highly recommend everyone have an accurate business listing in Google.  So go to, search for your business name.  If you don't see your business listed, contact us for assistance.  If you see your business listed and need to claim it:

  • Click your business name (be sure it's the correct one)
  • Click Claim this business and then Manage now

You'll need to verify the listing in order to be able to make any changes.  Again if you need any assistance, contact MyBizNow and we'll be happy to help!
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