Website Updates

Website Updates and Redesign

Website Updates

Has your website become stagnant?  Do you need it refreshed with a new design?  Do you have content to add but don't have the time or the ability to add the new content to your site?  Do you wish your website could do more? Offer your visitors more? Become more of a tool? If so, then you've come to the right place.

MyBizNow has been designing, upgrading, maintaining and redesigning websites for more than two decades.  The website you had built in the past probably isn't doing what it needs or could do for your today.  Websites aren't just online advertisements anymore.  When developed correctly, they become a part of your toolbox offering customer support for your customers, sales information for clients and prospects, education and information about different topics, etc for visitors.  With the constant 24/7 world that we all live in now, your website needs to be user friendly for the end user and a great additional tool for you and your staff to support your business.
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Content Updates

Don't let your website become outdated.  If you have fresh content that you want regularly added to your website, let MyBizNow be your go to solution.  Simply provide us the content you'd like added and we'll be sure your website is kept up to date.

Website Redesign

Is it time for your website to be redesigned?  Has your company branding changed?  How pleasing is your website to the eye?  When someone asks you for your website address do you pause and add a disclaimer before sharing? If so, we need to talk!

Add Functionality

Does your website resize based on the type of device used to view it?  Can visitors engage with your company, sign up for information, search  articles, add reviews, study updated FAQs?  Give your visitors a reason to come back to your site with added functionality.
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