Custom Websites

Custom Websites


Websites used to be nothing more than glorified yellow page ads.  Today, they are tools to be used in your business to help with sales and lead generation, educational and ecommerce and so much more.  

Do you already have a website  What is it doing for you?  Does it have the functionality it needs?  Is it being used as a tool by your staff? Is it easy for web visitors to navigate? If not, we need to talk!  Schedule a free consultation

If you don't have a website and are looking to create a web presence, let's schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.  Let us discuss the options available that can help your website become a new tool in your business.
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Steps to get online

Before you have a custom website built, there are a few steps you should take to help you be better prepared.

Purchase Your Domain Name

Before you decide on a company name, you should confirm that name is also available as a domain name.  If it is, register your domain name right away.  Even if you aren't planning on building a website in the near future, owning your domain name allows you to control your brand today and into the future.  Register Your Domain Today.

Decide Which Email Addresses You Want Setup

Now that you have your domain name, maintain your brand with professional email addresses.  Decide who in your organization is going to need a email and decide the format you'd like to use.  Some companies use or  It doesn't matter which you choose, just keep it consistent for all.

Decide on Colors

When it comes to colors, very few people have specific colors in mind.  It may be difficult to list all of the colors you like, so instead consider any colors that you do not like.  Most websites will work to maintain a consistent corporate brand.  For those businesses just getting started or those without a brand however, the more information you can share about what you like and don't like, the easier the project will be.

Decide what You Want the Site To Do

Do you want your website to capture leads, education your visitors, sell your products or services, allow customers to make payments online or schedule appointments with you?  Deciding what you want your website to do will help your developer to include the correct functionality to help you reach your goals.  Schedule a free consultation.

Prepare an Outline

Give some thought to the type of content you want included in your site and put it down in outline format.  This is a great starting point for the developer and a great guide to help you stay on track with the content you need to provide.  Consider if there are certain photos you'd like to use to help enhance your message or content.  Remember while you may have bullet points listing your products or services, you'll want to put together descriptions and sales pitches that will enhance the content avaiable on the site.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Custom website development requires open lines of communication between the client and the developer/designer.  Talking through the steps, laying out the content, integrating the designs, adding and removing functionality are steps taken throughout the development phase.  The more communication takes place during the development, the fewer changes will be needed once the project is complete.

Schedule a FREE Consultation

Find a date and time that works best for you and let's schedule a call to discuss your needs. Your web presence is a direct reflection of your business. We don't force feed any cookie cutter solutions and pretend they address your needs. We learn about your business, about your wants and needs and together we create a web presence that presents your business online, as it should be.

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